TP-Cover foto’s

Een selectie van onze TP-Covers in productie en in actie op locatie.

Covertent for Windturbines
Covertent in a storm
deployable on-site
Protection against wind and rain
Covertent monopile protection
Protection for offshore windfarm foundations
light and easy to transport
Covertent comes with a hatch
Durable zipper for easy entrance
covertent at Sea
Steel frame design
Customizable Dimensions according to your needs
no part exceeding 25 kg.
Building up the Covertent
Covertent onshore ready for transport
Covertent on a TP
Several covertents built onshore
Covertents being shipped
Hatch covertent
stackable tp covers

hardcover tp
sheet metal cover tp

tp cover transparant
stacked cover tp construction
steel tp cover