Covertent offshore weather protection for wind turbines

We all have a passion for wind. That is why we build massive wind farms out on the ocean. Wind turbines are generating thousands of megawatts of electrical energy. So wind is our friend.

The wind is our friend, but not so during the building phase. Especially offshore, it causes giant storms, extreme winds, and large salty waves. So, we need to protect what is valuable. The wind turbine equipment and our crew.

Temporary weather protection

How do you protect your equipment and crew inside an offshore transition piece? We think about this every day! That is why we created the Covertent, for temporary weather protection. A TP cover that is easy to transport, install and access.

Your crew will be safe, and your client will be happy.

The Covertent protects your crew and equipment

So what exactly is a Covertent? It is a temporary cover installed on the flange of the transition piece. The Covertent is placed after installing the monopile and TP. It will stay on until right before the installation of the tower and wind turbine.

The Covertent protects you against violent storms and heavy rain, keeping the inside clean and dry. Perfect for installing expensive wind farm equipment and keeping your crew safe.

The best TP cover you will find

The Covertent is different from other TP covers. It is easy to install and remarkably lightweight. No piece exceeds 25 kg and the entire framework with PVC fabric weighs in at just below 250 kg for our six diameter series. Two men can easily set up a Covertent within 30 minutes. Because we know, time is money.

You can easily access the TP through a heavy duty zipper door. If you need to install larger equipment, you can remove the cover and re-install it quickly after that.

Finally, because we know each project has its individual requirements, we can design a Covertent to your every wish. Custom dimensions, shapes or materials, you name it. Engineering is our core business, so we like to help you find the best solution.

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